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Latest Jobs
REF GRS-18-2005-1801
13-08-2017| Ajman

A restaurant in Ajman is looking for an experienced Filipino Patry Chef. Offered salary is AED3,500 inclusive of house allowance & transportation. At least High School graduate, conversant in English.

REF GRS-18-2005-1802
13-08-2017| Ajman

Filipino or Indian citizen, male, 30 - 45 years old; a well-experienced Head Chef on pastry, hot and cold kitchen, sushi and others. He will be the  over-all responsible for managing the production in the Commissary Kitchen. Salary offerred is AED5,000 inclusive of the house, food and transportation. Two years contract with 30 days annual leave provided with air ticket. 

REF GRS-18-2005-1325
13-08-2017| Dubai

A property management company requires an Electrician with knowledge in plumbing; preferably Indian, maximum age of 38 years old. 

REF GRS-18-2005-1805
14-01-2018| Dubai
REF GRS-18-2005-1119
14-09-2017| Dubai

Reports directly to the owners; responsible for ensuring the smooth day-to-day operation of the company; developes and implement process improvements to reduce operational cost & improves efficiency as well as providing guidance and support to staff. duties also include staff management, managing phone and e-mail commuinications, oversee routine updates on websites and other social media; provided general office support, coordinates monthly office schedules & running monthly meetings. 

REF GRS-18-2005-1120
14-09-2017| Dubai

Responsible for meeting monthly targets; creating a good working relationship with developers, investors and labdlords; generating leads; creating advertisements thru online portals; arranging viewings and closing deals

REF GRS-17-1706-1132
17-06-2019| Dubai

Filipino, Ethiopian, Sri Lankan female cleaner already inside UAE with at least 1 year experience on housekeeping, cleaning in various companies (hospital, hotel, school...) Maximum 38 years old, minimum 5'2 ft in height; conversant in English.

REF GRS-17-062019-1150
17-06-2019| Dubai

Female Filipino, maximum 40 years old, available in UAE, English conversant, having at least 3 years work experience on manicure, pedicure, nail extension, nail design, on acrylic and gel.

REF GRS-18-2005-1803
17-08-2017| Dubai

A Saudi Arabian family living in Dubai is looking for a stay-in male house driver, preferably Indonesian, Indian or Pakistani; non-smoker; with valid UAE driving license; very familiar in UAE roads and landmarks and knows using google map.

REF GRS-18-2005-1505
17-10-2017| Dubai

Responsible for the preventive maintenance of company vehicles such as cars, pickups, mini buses, buses and forklifts (diesel and petrol). Must be well experience on the following: electricals (light & other related); tires (air pressure, tire thread, rotation, balance & alignment); fluids (transmission, antifreeze, power steering, coolant, wiper fluid levels, leaks); belts (timing & serpentine); oil (oil color & oil level); battery & contacts (leaks, minerals or other build ups on the contacts); windshield wipers; cabin air filters, engine air filters; spark plugs & other related preventive maintenance works.

REF GRS-18-2005-1524
17-10-2017| Dubai
REF GRS-18-2005-1532
17-10-2017| Dubai
REF GRS-18-2005-1327
18-01-2018| Dubai
REF GRS-18-2005-1338
18-01-2018| Dubai
REF GRS-18-2005-1338
18-01-2018| Dubai
REF GRS-18-2005-1610
18-10-2017| Dubai

Managing telephone calls, filing, other clerical duties as may be required

REF GRS-18-2005-1622
18-10-2017| Dubai

Secretary to the General Manager, managing the GM's diaries/schedules including travels overseas, keeping confidential files and assist the GM in the daily operation.

REF GRS-18-2005-1652
18-10-2017| Dubai

Overall in-charge of the company's general accounting, financial statements and other reports as maybe required to aid the company in its business operation

REF GRS-18-2005-0915
19-02-2018| Dubai
REF GRS-18-2005-1121
19-08-2017| Dubai

Logistics & Warehouse Manager, preferably between 27-30 years old with minimum 5 years  JAFZA-UAE production experience in managing warehouse, product movements, planning production schedules & inventory management. Can handle emirsal, customs & other related documentations; negotiate container, bulk vessel freight & local transport rates.

REF GRS-18-2005-1122
19-08-2017| Dubai

Export Coordinator preferably between 25-30 years old with minimum 3 years work experience in UAE trading company. To handle enquiries, close slaes, handle LCs, emirsal custons & documentation; attends trade exhibits & customer locations; meet & greet visitors to facilities. Proficient in written & spoken English.

REF GRS-18-2005-1011
19-08-2017| Dubai

Finance coordinator preferably a Chartered Accountant between 28-32 years old with specialization in costing and purchasing with work experience in a production company. Will be responsible in monitoring the company's metric, advice innovative methods in cost reduction & efficiency improvement. Must be proficient in English, knowledgeable in FOCUS ERP and able to manage a small team.

REF GRS-18-2005-1347
19-10-2017| Dubai

Welcomes guest, prepares tea, coffee, refreshments, office cleaning, operates copier machine and other helps as maybe required in the office.

REF GRS-18-2005-1446
19-10-2017| Dubai

Waitering, entertaining guests & other related works. the restaurant is located in International City, Dubai

REF GRS-18-2005-1454
19-10-2017| Dubai

Waitering, entertaining guests & other related works. the restaurant is located in International City, Dubai

REF GRS-18-2005-1535
21-01-2018| Dubai
REF GRS-27-062019-947
27-06-2019| Abu Dhabi

Filipino, at least 3 years work experience on manicure, pedicure, nail arts, gellish, acrylic, extension, nail care. Willing to work / relocated in Al Ain

REF GRS-18-2005-1032
28-02-2018| Dubai

Able to read blueprints, measuring, cutting, installation, operates moving & lifting equipments and other wor-related skills

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