Job Title : General Mechanic
Education : Technical Course
Industry Type : Marble Factory
Functional Area : (2) General Mechanic
Salary : AED2,500 - AED3,000
Skills requirement

Well-experienced diesel & petrol mechanic on cars, pickups, buses and forklifts, at least 3 years in home country or 2 years abroad, worked in an auto shop; maximum 38 years old; able to communicate in English

Job Description

Responsible for the preventive maintenance of company vehicles such as cars, pickups, mini buses, buses and forklifts (diesel and petrol). Must be well experience on the following: electricals (light & other related); tires (air pressure, tire thread, rotation, balance & alignment); fluids (transmission, antifreeze, power steering, coolant, wiper fluid levels, leaks); belts (timing & serpentine); oil (oil color & oil level); battery & contacts (leaks, minerals or other build ups on the contacts); windshield wipers; cabin air filters, engine air filters; spark plugs & other related preventive maintenance works.

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