152 cm; 65 kg; divorced and having a 16 years old son; born on April 2, 1982 in Najalengka, West Java, Indonesia. 

She worked as a housemaid in Riyadh, KSA for 2 years (2002-2004) in a 3-bedroom apartment to a Saudian couple with 2 sons aged 3 & 5 years old. She was doing the general house works (cleaning, washing, ironing), taking care of the children and cooking. She knows - macaroni, bemashel, spaghetti, pizza, fatayer, gaymat, idam, maglobah, biryani, bukhari, molokiyah, sambosa, samak in the oven, shurbah addas, ruz mandhi, fasoliah, warag inab, mashi kosah, malfool, cake.

Worked in Abu Dhabi, UAE for 1 year & 5 months (2015-2017) in a cleaning company; working in different houses for 3 months, 6 months, 7 months with different family from UAE, Egypt & Jordan.

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Peronal Details
Name: Yani Bt Rosid Sondana (KSA)
Ref.Code: GA-309
Nationality: Indonesian
Religion: Islam
Booking Status: Booked
Civil Status: Divorced
Sex: Female
Real Age: 35 Years
Mother language: Bahasa
Foreign Language: Arabic
Educational Details
Highest Education : Elementary
Other Courses :
Working Skills Details
General Housekeeping

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